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Burt Duquette, Owner,
Address known to the Moderator,
Sioux City, IA 51105-3747,
Tel. 712-281-1980,
Fax. 800-886-0201,
Skiptrace, background checks, pre-employment, pre-tenant checks,
assets discovery, criminal records, criminal investigations, surveillance,
judgment recovery.
IA PI Lic. # 0910.
Michael Richard Chepa,
Judgment Enforcement, Recovery and Investigations Group,
POB 323,
Arnolds Park, IA 51331,
Tel. 877-223 5413,
Fax. 507-662 5160,
Mobile: 712-330 6926,
Skiptracing, asset location, judgment recovery.
IO PI Lic. # 1163,
Member: IAPI
Jack Desrosiers, President, USA Background Checks, 2658 S.lakeport St., Sioux City, IA 51106, Tel: 877-578-1066, Fax: 712-274- 6868, Background checks, skiptracing, locates. Member: Global Detective Association
Dan Larsen, Evidence, Inc. PO Box 873 Council Bluffs, IA 51502-0873 Iowa office Tel. 712-328-0358 Nebraska office Tel. 402-399-9559 Fax. 712-328-1063 corporate fraud, child custody, surveillance, sub Rosa investigations
James G. (Jim) Oien, 505 - 6th St., Suite 201, Sioux City, IA 51101, Tel. 712-277-3787, Fax. 712-277-1184, Lic# 677. General investigations, process service, asset discovery, skip tracing. Member: Iowa Association of Private Investigators. +
R. L. {Mac} McCaslin,
Associated Investigators,
557 S,
Topeka, Wichita, KS. 67202,
POB 48572,
Wichita, KS. 67201-8572,
Tel. 316-312 6631,
Fax. 316-652 9196,
KS PI Lic. # D-280,
Criminal, domestic, insurance investigations
Member: KALI. +
Rob Lang,
RCS, Inc.,
704 Main,
POB 545,
Eudora, KS 66025,
Tel. 785-542 1771,
Fax. 785-542 1661,
Mobile: 785-393 2274,
Skip tracing, collections, background reports, process serving, computer forensics, surveillance, breaks and research needs, tenant and pre-employment screening, notary service.
KS PI Lic. # D-4305.
Member: KALI, Association of Christian Investigators, K.I.N.G.
(Ms) Bickell Lund, POB 37, Eudora/Kansas 66025, Tel: 888-411 9728, Fax: 785-542-1820, Difficult locates, missing persons, general investigations. Kansas Lic# D677. Member: KALI, NAIS, 4thekids. +
Greg Seher, Innovative Investigations, Inc. PO Box 23737, Shawnee Mission, KS 66283, Tel: 913-814-8462, Fax: 913-814-8469.
General investigations.
KS Lic# A-1114, MO Lic# 25434,
Norman K. Williams, CEO, Williams Financial Investigations, LLC, POB 23375, Lexington, KY 40523-3375, Tel. 859-223-5143, Fax. 859-223-5143. Fraud, background, IRS, assets investigations, due diligence, forensic accounting, witness interviews, surveillance, risk management, consulting. Member: NAIS, ACFE, ASIS, Kentucky Professional Investigators Assoc.

Matt Lewis, Owner, Excelsior Investigations, PMB # 178, 3433 Hayway 190, Mandeville, LA 70471, Tel. 504-813-6779, LA Lic# 3883-112398, BA degree in Criminal Justice, reserve police officer. General investigations +
(Mr.) Dana A. Cunningham,
Cunningham Investigations,
POB 1693
Portland, Maine 04104,
Tel. 207-775 5656,
Fax. 207-878 1122,
Surveillance, corporate, divorce, insurance investigations.
Cunningham Investigations is also a division of Maine Subpoena Service.
ME Lic. # 9500984.
Member: Maine Licensed Private Investigators Association.
Douglas J. Calderbank, President, Chief Investigator,
Calderbank Investigations Inc.,
POB 10928,
Portland, Maine 04104,
Tel. 207-773 8715, Toll Free: 1-888-374 7356,
Fax. 207-221 019, +
Covert investigation, difficult locates, process serving.
ME PI Lic. # 0000069.
Member: NAPPS, Council of Investigations & Security Services, MLPIA.
Mark Bourgeous, Owner, CEO,
Knight Marshal Fathe & Assoc. - The Knight Marshal Group,
POB 267 Brunswick, Maine, 04011
Tel. 877-850 7573 + 207-650 3536,
Fax. 413-556 2451,
Environmental, marine, claims, civil, criminal, fraud, certified fire, explosive, transportation theft, asset investigations.
MAINE PI Lic. # 9601026.
Member: Fraternal Order of Police, Academy of Certified Fraud Examiners, US Surveyors Association, IIMS,International Association of Arson Investigators, NAFEI. +
Kevin J. Surette,
Surette Consulting & Investigations,
POB 116,
Litchfield, ME 04350,
Tel. 207-268 3419,
Fax. 207-268 3420,
General investigations, process serving.
Maine PI Lic. # 0000826,
NH PI Lic. # 80420,
MA PI Lic. # P-254.
Rose Mary Cyr, Seer Investigations, PO Box 11120, Portland, Maine 04104-7120, Tel. 207-772 3999, Lic# 95684. Member: NALI +
Theodore N. Swift, Owner,
ACM Research Service,
POB 4021,
Gaithersburg, MD 20885.
General investigations.
VA DCJS lic 11-2688,
DC PI lic. # 0599,
Member: ASIS, PISA, Association of Former Intelligence Officers.
Rockne Cooke, Commercial Index Bureau, 5205 East Drive, Baltimore, MD 21227 Tel: 800-451-0805, Fax: 410-536-4744. General, Defense, Background, Worker's compensation investigations, Video, Surveillance. Member WAD
Bayview Investigation & Security Co., Ed F. Snediker, 5 Poloderock Pl. Baltimore, Maryland 21236, Tel. 410-256-0003, Fax. 410-256-5526, Insurance fraud, missing persons, general investigations. Lic# 819. Member: NAIS
Angela M. Lee, Intertrack Research Service, 5935 Snowdens Run Road, PO Box 850, Eldersburg, MD 21784. In-depth Internet investigations, Member: NAIS
Manuel J. Amaral, PPS,
M. J. Amaral & Associates,
900 Route 134, Unit 1-3,
Town Plaza,
South Dennis, Massachusetts 02660,
POB 894,
Hyannisport, Massachusetts 02674,
Tel. 508-328 7717,
Fax. 508-362 3001,
Attorney services, criminal, civil investigations, corporate aircraft security, counterespionage consulting, executive protection, eavesdropping detection, threat assessment, witness location.
Discovery Services Investigations,
POB 80131,
Springfield, MA 01138,
Tel./Fax. 413-788 4988,
Mobile: 413-496 0582,
Surveillance, skip tracing, statements, document retrieval.
MA PI Lic. # P-754; CT PI Lic # I-2171.
Member: LPDAM, New England Claims Association; ACI.
Chuck McLaughlin, owner, manager,
McLaughlin Investigative Group, Inc.,
2 Dundee Park,
Andover, MA 01810,
Tel. 978-474 8801,
Fax. 978-474 8802,
Legal, insurance, pre-employment investigations, surveillance, international, foreign driver's license verifications.
MA PI Lic. # P 356.
Kevin Lennon,
KDK & Associates, Inc.,
(address known to the Moderator),
Tel. 1 800-440 4535,
Fax. 508-375 6444,
General investigations, surveillance, exec./dignitary protection, event Security, employment screening.
MA PI Lic. # 1222.
Member: NAIS, National Tactical Officers Assoc., International Chiefs of Police.
Albino Faria, Jr.,
Faria Associates, Inc.,
POB 40097,
New Bedford, MA 02744,
General investigations.
MA PI Lic. # P-1095.
Joseph P. Butler, Constables' Office of Butler and Witten 1895 Centre Street, Suite 202, Boston, Massachusetts 02132, Tel. 800-477-5445, Fax. 617-325-5952, Constable, City of Boston Lic# P-517 Member: NALI, WAD, LPDAM, NAPPS, Boston Constable Assoc., Licensed Private Detectives Association of Massachusetts
Darrell M. Agnew,
SOS Services,
164I Summer Street, suite # 439,
Kingston, Massachusetts 02364,
Tel. 781-585 4302,
Fax. 781-585 7402.
Constable, civil process serving.
MA PI Lic. # P439, NH PI Lic. # DA360.
Member: LPDAM (charter).
Jay L. Groob, President,
American Investigative Services, Inc.,
P.O. Box 125,
Brookline, MA 02446-0001 + New York City,
One University Rd.,
Brookline, MA 02445,
Tel. 617-739 6060 (Boston) + 212-810 6060 (New York),
Fax. 617-232 4728,
Mobile : 617-839 6060,
Skype: aisjgroob,,
MA PI Lic. #. P330,
NY PI Lic. # 11000093220 + License No. DA50, NH PI Lic. # DA-241.
Insurance carriers, checks, asset investigations and executive protection, criminal defense, workers compensation,, auto fraud, pre-employment, domestic relations and corporate investigations.
Lyle F. Drew, World Investigations, POB 387, Southfield, MI 48037, Tel: 248-557-0400, Fax: 248-557-0405, General investigations, Insurance, Workers compensation, Liability, Surveillance
Charles Rettstadt,
Research North, Inc.,
416 N. Homer Suite 101.
Lansing, MI 48912 + Marquette + Petoskey + Traverse City + Alpena, MI.
Tel. 517-332-4300,
Fax 517-332-3933.
MI PI Lic.# 733, WI PI Lic.# 15691, OH PI Lic.# 65200069689.
General, insurance, video surveillance, business investigations and corporate
Roger H. Schmedlen, Loss Prevention Concepts, Ltd., 35560 Grand River, Suite 311, Farmington Hills, Michigan 48335, Tel. 810-632-6636, Fax. 810-632-6356, , MI PI Lic. 1506, MI Security Lic# 0934. General investigations, Member: CPP, CFE, CII, IPI, NCISS (Michigan State Police Private investigator Advisory Board for about ten years +
Dale C. Johnson, CEO,
Active Research Investigations, Inc.,
POB 4031,
St. Paul, Minnesota 55104
Tel. 1-800-894-9186 + 651-659 9551,
Fax. 651-641 0795,
MN PI lic. #620.
Over 30 years of public and private investigations.
Moderator: Investigatorresearch.
Julianne L. Mossak, North Robert, Suite#508, St. Paul MN 55101, Tel. 651-260-6600, Fax. 651-436-1088, Lic# 842. Surveillance, process service, skip tracing, insurance fraud, background investigations. Member: MAPI, NAIS, Tracer, ACFI, MN Fraud Investigators.
Ray J. Kennedy,
R. J. Kennedy Investigations
215C Williams Ave.,
Picayune, MS 39466,
POB 488,
Picayune, MS. 39466,
Tel. 601-798 0946,
Fax. 601-798 4622
Accident, workman's comp., pre-employment, eneral background investigations, business security planning, courier, escort services, missing persons, process serving, surveillance, undercover operations, mystery shopping.
Member: AIMS, IAMA.
MS PI Lic. # 3718.
LA PI Lic.# 5887-092104
Joe Johnson Eagle Resources, POB 80, Mound Bayou, MS 38762, Tel: 662-741-2788, Fax: 603-699-7981. Pre-employment screening specialist. Member: Association of Christian Investigators, Judicial Judgments Association.
Amy Jeanine Womble Ashbrook,
Get A Clue Investigations,
LLC, 1168 West Gannon,
Suite #119,
MO 63028,
Tel. 314-717 1295,
Fax. 877-685 6195,
Mobile: 314-808 4485,
Private Investigation such as infidelity cases, civil and criminal evidence review, insurance fraud investigation Missouri,
PI Lic. # 2012028872
Member: ACFE, American Criminal Justice Association, International Private Investigators Union.
John Ecklund,
Ecklund & Associates,
POB 6882,
Lee's Summit, MO 64064,
Tel. 816-509 3836,
Fax. 816-503 9827,
Insurance, domestic, nursing home abuse, background investigations, armed escort, missing persons, surveillance, process serving, court records, child custody.
MO PI Lic. # D 4500.
Dave Ashley, Dash, Inc., Tel: 573-562-1235 Fax: 573-562-1033. Investigations, information, general investigations, process service, difficult locates, surveillance, civil, criminal, domestic.
Larry Brademeyer, Daley Investigations, HC-3; Box 592-1, Kimberling City, MO. 65686, Tel./Fax: 417-739-3468, 27 years on the L.A. CO. Sheriffs' Dept.; detective expertise including criminal, juvenile, child abuse, street, jail gangs, burglary, robbery, embezzlement, traffic accident reconstruction, soon judgment collections, too. Member: NAIS; NAPARS
Tim Flora, Mid-West Protective Services, Inc. 16176 Westwoods Business Park, St. Louis MO. 63021, Tel: 636-391-2188, Fax: 636-391-7150, General investigations, eavesdropping countermeasures. Member: WAD
Kent M. Harman, Genetic Technologies, Inc., PO Box 242, Glencoe, MO 63038, Toll Free: (877) 451-4363, DNA analysts.
Jaymie Frederick, Company Needle in A Haystack (MT Frederick Bros. Inc.), Box 1171, 408 Robinson, Scobey, MT 59263, Tel./Fax. 406-487-2738.
Robert Dudash,
Investigative Services, Inc.,
POB 45143,
Omaha, NE 68145-0143,
Tel. 402-894 5625,
Fax. 402-896 0621.
Background, asset checks, patent infringement, liability investigations, security surveys, provide executive protection, surveillance.
Member: CII, ACFE, INTELNET, Association of Former Air Force Office of Special Investigations Special Agents, ACBI, IAPI. +
Deano Pennock, Chief of Investigations,
AAA Consulting and IKnvestigations
2232 South Nellis Blvd., Suite 294,
Las Vegas, NV 89104,
Tel. 702-860 1717,
Fax. 702-799 6328,
Cell: 702-806 9830,
Insurance, background, workers' compensation, intellectual property, business, criminal investigations, skip tracing, surveillance, wittness statements.
NV PI Lic. # 1352.
Cassie C. Bragan,
Elite Investigations, Inc.,
8170 S. Eastern Ave., Suite #4-284,
Las Vegas, NV 89123,
Tel. 702-897 8473,
Fax. 702-270 8650,
Mobile: 702-460 2890,
Surveillance, domestic infidelities, locates, witness statements, background and assets investigations.
NV PI Lic. # 873.
Member: WAD, AALPI
Arthur Bishop, Vindico, Inc. 528 South Eighth Street, Las Vegas, NV 89101 Tel. 702-269-7766 Investigations, privacy and personal protection, fraud fighting resources, skip tracing, tactical training and targets, web construction
Peter Maheu, Global Intelligence Network, LLC, 5233 S. Western Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89119 Tel. 702-891-0500, Fax. 702-891-0555. Worldwide intelligence, due diligence investigations, overseas strategic alliance. Member WAD
Jordan G. Ulery,
POB 15,
Hudson, NH 03051
Tel. 603-882 6863,
Notary public, Insurance defense, database, background investigations, process serving, scene photography, diagrams, scip tracing, public records retreavel, weather information.
NH PI Lic. # 12159, MA PI Lic. # P-1115.
Rod Gagnon, Gagnon Financial Associates, POB 1064, Nashua, NH 03060, 285 Trolley Street, Manchester NH 03103, Tel. 603-674-1816, Fax. 603-598-4108. Judgment recovery specialist, probate, missing heirs research. Member: New Hampshire League of Investigators, Judicial Judgment Collectors Association (Chairperson) of the New England branch of the JJCA)
William Losefsky,
Losefsky Investigations,
POB 164, Goffstown,
NH 03045,
Tel. 603-641 0395,
Fax. 603-250 6315,
Complete investigations and information service.
Member: CDITC, NAIS ,ION, NAPPS, ASIS, NH League of Investigators, Association of Certified Investigators, ACI, National Association of Bail Enforcement Agents, Public Record Retriever Network. New Hampshire League of Investigators (NHLI) the professional association of PIs in NH cf. Licensed Private Detectives Association of Massachusetts (LPDAM) the professional association in MA Business Mail: PO Box Fifteen, Hudson, NH 03051,
USA license numbers (NH and MA) NH: 12159 MA: P-1115, +
Andrew Poulos, Jr.,
Leo Investigations and Protectives Services,
1358 Hooper Avenue, Suite 332,
Tom River, NJ 08753,
Tel. 732-284 3726,
Fax. 732-414 7966,
Matrimonial, criminal, corporate, employment, due diligence, insurance fraud, background, counterfeiting child custody investigations, mystery shopping, integrity testing, surveillance, skip tracing, criminal support.
NJ PI Lic. # 8770.
Kevin D. Murray, CPP, CISM, CFE, MPSC,
Murray Associates & Spybusters, LLC.,
PO Box 668,
Oldwick, NJ 08858-0668,
Tel. 908-832 7900, + + ,
Eavesdropping, optical surveillance detection (TSCM), counterespionage, consulting services for business, government and at-risk individuals.
R. L. Lesnick,
Gamma Investigative Research, Inc.,
P.O. Box 10981,
Fairfield, NJ 07004,
Tel. 973-227 1415 + 800-878 9393,
Fax. 973-882 0960, +,
General investigations, insurance fraud, skiptracing, backround checks,
domestic investigations, surveillance, data services, asset investigations.
NJ PI Lic. # 7426 +
Det. Rocco Bollaro,
Garden State Investigations and Security,
42 Overlook Drive,
Jackson, NJ 08527,
Tel. 732-833 8088 + 1-888-888-5159,
Fax, 732-833 2293 + 1-888-809 9877,
Infidelity, background investigations, skip tracing, digital forensics, polygraphs, TSCM debugging services, surveillance, GPS tracking systems, asset & banking account locating.
NJ PI Lic. # 6848.
Stella A. Obiora-Mbachu, Ph.D. (Vice President),
J. C. Owens Investigation, Inc.,
Bloomfield Plaza, Suite 211,
650 Bloomfield Avenue,
Bloomfield, NJ 07003,
POB 537,
Maplewood, NJ 07040-0537,
Tel: 973-748 4000 + 877- 286-3108,
Fax: 973-748 6006,
General global investigations, intelligence, security consultants.
Jimmie Mesis,
Excerion, LLC,
4400 Route 9 South, Suite 1000,
Freehold, NJ 07728-7198,
Tel. 732-303-0093,
Fax. 732-308-3314,
Publisher - PI Magazine & PI Directory
Marketing consultant for PI's and specialist in teaching covert video
surveillance with over 26 years of experience.
NJ PI Lic. # 4774,
David P. Roberts, British American Consultants, Inc. 200 Gregory Place, West Orange New Jersey 07960, Tel. 973-324-9235, Fax. 973-324-2396, Lic# 5000. Global civil, criminal, insurance fraud investigations. Background vetting, national, international intelligence networking, crisis management & emergency executive protection, emergency planning. Member: NALI, INTELNET, WAD, FIPI, Founder Member of the Association of Legal, Medical and Investigative Experts, ASIS
Bob Taylor 400 Cranbury Road, Unit 8, East Brunswick, NJ 08816 Tel: 1-800-759-3691, Fax. 732-254-5169. Lic# 5993, General Investigations.
William Elliott, Elliott & Associates, Ltd. POB 13282 Albuquerque, NM 87192
Tel. 505-293-8896, Fax. 505-296-9258. Lic# 1107
Electronic countermeasures, fraud, theft, corporate, criminal defense investigations, surveillance Member: CII, WAD,WIN.
Robert and Teresa (Terri) L. Ferrari,
Ferrari SIU, 8 Tudor Court,
Getzville NY 14068,
Tel. 716-689 6577,
Fax. 716-689 4721,
NY PI Lic. # 11000032886. + +
PI and insurance adjusters' work.
Member: WAD, NCIS, ION, OHOASIS, Buffalo Claims Association. +
Steven Rambam,
Pallorium, Inc.,
POB 155,
Midwood Station,
Brooklyn, New York 11230,
Tel. 212-969 0286,
Fax. 212-858 5720,
General investigations, specializes in skip tracing, financial, international investigations, board certifications, 30+ years experience. Offices also in Texas and California.
Ruth J. Boody, President,
Platinum Investigations,
372 Central Park West 3E,
New York, NY 10025,
Tel. 212-665-5280,
Fax. 212-665-5281,
Cell: 917-620-0506,
NY Lic. # 11000085507,
AZ Lic. # 1551132,
Security Consultant,
David B. Spencer, President,
Briggs Investigative Services, Inc.,
Trade name: Confidential Investigations,
77 Genesee Street,
New Hartford, NY 13413,
Tel./Fax. 315-792 8015 + Toll Free 866-792 8015,,
General, fraud, matrimonial, criminal, missing persons, background, workers' comp., support, assets, forensic investigations.
NY PI Lic. # 11000055072,
Mark McCabe,
McCabe Associates, Inc.,
4424 Lyell Road,
Rochester 14606, NY
Tel. 585-349 4190 ext. 103,
Fax. 585-349 4375,
Offices in South America.
International business consuting, computer crime, trademark counterfeiting,
gray market survey database investigations, security, risk management,
surveillance, executive protection,
NY PI Lic. # 11000030464.
Member: ASIS, WAD NALI, Intelnet, ALDNY, Investigators Open Network. +
Richard G. Bresloff,
Trailblazer Investigations Inc.,
Richard G. Bresloff,
POB 771,
East Marion, NY 11939,
Tel: 631-921 5036,
Beeper: 516-278 1107,
Long Island, Suffolk County, The Hamptons: Background, assets investigations, pre-employment checks, pre-marital, cheating spouses, people locate service, surveillance, credit reports, records retrieval.
NY PI Lic. # 11000101320.
Member: NAIS
Anthony Carter, A.B. Carter Private Investigations, POB 728341, Jackson Heights, N.Y. 11372 Tel. 718-426-1505, Fax. 718-426-1505, General, civil, criminal, corporate investigations, Member WAD
US Fugitive Recovery PO Box 20218 New York, NY 10011, Tel. 212-502-5646, Bail enforcement, fugitive recovery special agent, instructor.
Jim Deckinger, M.R. WOLF, Inc., 145 Maple Street, Brooklyn, New York 11225, Tel. 718-693-0100, Fax. 718-856-7784, Lic# 11000072203. Trial preparation, process serving, locating persons, background checks, locating expert witnesses, formation of trial exhibits, criminal work in NY courts, surveillance.
Vincent Dolan, Owner, Dolan Investigations, Hartsdale, New York, Tel. 914-428-1765, Fax. 914-328-3509, General investigations, Lic# A-92-00078. Fraud, corporate, civil investigations, due diligence, asset searches, general investigation. Member: INTELNET, NCISS, FALI, ASIS +
Raymond J. Fitzgerald,
Bureau of Special Services,
367 Windsor Hwy # 142,
New Windsor, New York 12553,
Tel. 845-518 2677,
Fax. 845-534 1060,
Licensed & Bonded Investigators in N.Y. since 1973, Lic. # 11000046149.
Allen Gerber, Continental Investigations, 505 Northern Blvd., Great Neck, NY 11021 NY PI Lic#11000032175. General Investigations
Darrin Giglio, North American Investigations, Inc., One Northern Boulevard, Great Neck, NY 11021, Tel. 800-724 8080, NY Lic. # 46790
Mark Hoffmeister, Confidential Investigative Services of NY, 4081 Rt. 31, Clay, NY 13041-2241, NY Tel: 315-652-4290 Fax: 413-487-4652 license #47426.
Gerard J. Kelder Jr Investigative Services CPO Box 2900 Kingston, N.Y. 12402 U.S.A. Tel: (845) 338-6730 Fax (845) 338-8675 Since 1989 General Investigations * Attorney Support Fire Arson Investigations CFI
Michael G. Kessler,
Michael G. Kessler Associates,
45 Rockefeller Plaza
Suite 2000
New York, NY 10111
Tel. 212-286-9100 or 800-932-2221 Fax. 212-730-2433
Member: CII
Anti-Counterfeiting, Business investigations, litigation support, intellectual property, copyright trademark, forensic accounting invest.
Eric R. Kummert, Vanguard Security, Inc., POB 450, Monsey, NY 10952, Tel. 914-577-5729, Fax. 914-945-8849 Active police officer and private investigator, security, since 1995. Member: New York State Fraternal Order of Police, Society of Professional Investigators, Associated Licensed Detectives of New York State.
Frank McGowen, Director Information Oracle, PO Box 66254, Albany, NY 12206 Tel:518-458-2920(Fax also). Information Research Consultancy, including business intelligence, science technology, health, medicine, document delivery, and public records. Member AIIP,AIB
Barry A. Myerson, President Myerson & Associates, Inc. 2 West 45th Street, Suite 1100, New York City, NY 10036, Tel: 212-575-1111 Lic# 51035
Vincent (Vinny) Panzarella, LPI, V.I.P. Investigative Services, 1313 Statler Towers, Buffalo, New York 14202, Tel. 716-855-0231, Fax. 716-855-0250, Lic# 047459. General investigations, surveillance, litigation support.
Bill Peeler, LPI, The Peeler Group, Route 30 A, POB 688, Fonda, New York 12068, Tel. 518-853-8837, Fax. 518-853-4754 Lic# 39010. Civil, Criminal, insurance claims, executive protection, security service, certified training courses, process service, surveillance, employee screening.
Susan M. Peterson c/o Michael G. Kessler & Associates Ltd. 237 Park Avenue, Atrium, 21st Floor New York City, NY 10017 Tel. 212-286 9100 Fax. 212-730 2433 Anti-counterfeiting, business, litigation, intellectual property, copyright, trademark, corporate, forensic accounting investigations Member: CII, WAD
Daniel Ribacoff, International Investigative Group, LTD, 2901 Long Beach Road, Suite 5, Oceanside, NY 11572 Tel. 516-764-3242, Fax. 516-764-3362. General investigations, surveillance Member: WAD
Eric Saldarriaga Iona Research Services Inc, 979 Saw Mill River Road, Yonkers, NY 10710 Tel. 914-946-4774, Fax 718-726-0754 General Investigations. Lic# 46630 +
David E. Zeldin, President, CFE,
APC Corporate Security Inc.,
18 East Sunrise Highway, Suite 207,
Freeport, NY 11520,
Tel. 516-442 3134 + 201-489 5770 (NJ) David Rose International Inc.,
Fax. 516-442 3169 + 888-638 4550 (NJ),
CELL: 862-234 9911,
Undercover, fraud, employees', corporate intelligence background investigations. Corporate security. Member: ASIS, ACFE, NCISS, ALDONYS, SPI, NAIS, etc. +
Gregory Allen Hatten, Owner,
TJ Conner and Associates, Private Investigative Services,
(address is known to the Moderator),
POB 1859,
Enka, NC 28728
Tel. 1-828-280 0180,
Fax. 1-828-208 6762,
Mobile: 1-828-242-2047,
Civil, criminal, custody investigations, workman's compensation, frau, general surveillance, executive, witness protections.
NC PI Lic. # 2034.
Member: NCAPI (Secretary in 2011), NCISS.
John Fry,
J. L. Fry Research & Investigations,
1001 E. WT Harris Blvd. Suite P-233,
Charlotte, NC 28213,
Tel. 704-455 8564 + 1-877-315-9132,
Fax/voicemail: 212-504 3099
28 + years of investigative experience. Locating missing persons, hidden assets, insurance fraud, child custody, employment background, fraud, criminal defense investigations, information brokerage.
NC PI Lic. # 1965.
Jim Foster, President, Agency-One Investigations, Inc. 1332 Ashley Square, Ashleybrook Lane, Winston-Salem, NC 27103-2949, Tel. 336-760-4000, Fax. 336-760-4155, General, criminal, counter intelligence investigations, surveillance, workmen's compensation, civil, domestic, employees', theft investigations. Lic# 747. Member: WAD
Tim McIntyre, President,
GLOBAL Security and Information, Inc.,
1365 Westgate Center Drive, Suite K-2,
Winston-Salem, NC 27103,
Tel. 336-760 6838,
Fax. 336-659 8092,
Mobile: 336-345 2655,
Private investigations, counterintelligence, security equipment.
NC PI Lic. # 496, Counterintelligence (Debugging Service) Lic. # 23.
Member: WAD.
Claude "JC" Reiher, Metropolitan Investigations & Security Services, Inc., P.O. Box 691363, Charlotte, NC 28227, Tel./Fax 704-537-0960, General investigations, Lic# 2424. Investigative services to insurance companies, law firms, corporations, small businesses and individuals throughout North Carolina.
Scott & Associates Investigations, LLC., 411 W. Fisher Avenue, Greensboro, NC 27401, POB 29593, Greensboro, NC 27429, Tel. 336-854-1954, Fax. 336-854 1956,, General investigations, counterintelligence. Lic# 806, Member: WAD, NAIL, ASKS, NOISE, NAPES, ACIP, NASIR, IKD, ASOP
Richard (Dick) E. Wilson 6200 Farm Pond Lane Charlotte, NC 28212-1755 P.O. Box 25147 Charlotte, North Carolina, 28229, Tel: 704-531-9967, Fax. 704-567-8466 (NAPI) North Carolina Association. of Private Investigators South Carolina Association. of Private Investigators ASIS + .
Process Service.
Ohio Lic. # 2003014697.
U.S. Army Veteran
Celine Estill-Latham,
Active Detective Bureau Inc.,
4239 Hamilton Ave.,
Cincinnati, Ohio 45223,
Tel. 513-541 6600,
Fax. 513-541 4989.
Commercial, domestic investigation, private security, process service,
operating in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana.
Ohio PI lic. # 922, IN PI Lic. # PD19400056, Kentucky available where needed.
Member of WAD, OASIS, ASIS, NAPPS, IPSA, USPSA, Chamber of Commerce.
Chip Eckert, CEO, JJCA-RCEIS, LLC (RCE Information Services)
7672 Montgomery Road 226,
Cincinnati, OH 45236
Tel. 513-608-6444, Fax. 513-766-2016, Toll free: 800-878-4412, ICQ #1485210.
Forensic audio restoration, background checks, asset searches, judgement recovery, trade in computers and accessories.
Gold Member: Judicial Judgment Collectors Association

Dale Dorning, Precision Investigations & Consulting
8216 Princeton-Glendale Rd.,
PMB 260,
West Chester, Ohio 45069
Tel. 513-895-5400 + 888-246 4927,
Mobile : 513-236 2727,
Fax. 513-867-0650
Criminal, civil, domestic investigations, criminal, DUI arrest, case consulting, expert witness, process service, GPS Tracking, notary public.
Lic# 59-2000-6888
David G. Gaffney,
Advanced Research Services Inc.,
Willoughby, Ohio 44096,
Tel. 440-336 3662, Fax. 440-354 4405,
Ohio PI Lic. # 03212,
Serving all of Cleveland & Northeast Ohio. Security consultant, supplying vulnerability assessments, degree in law enforcement and criminal justice.
Gary Erickson
3023 Maeterlinck, POB 141337
Toledo, OH 43614
Tel. 419-385-7639, Fax. 419-385-7640
Lic# 59199258379
Death penalty cases, surveillance, missing persons, insurance fraud, Member WAD, ASIS, INTELNET
Jeffery A. Rataiczak, President, InCamera Investigations
Inc. POB 402
Vandalia, Ohio 45377
Tel. 937-898-8976, Fax. 937-898- 9656
Business, corporate, domestic, family, insurance defense, intellectual property investigations.
Lic# 65-2000-6992.
Roland E. Georgi, Owner
Resolution Assurance Group,
1114 North Court Street,
Medina, Ohio 44256,
Tel. 216-539 0464 + 877-464 4674,
Ohio PI Lic. #6761.
Criminal, civil investigations, information broker and record retrieval
services. +
Chris Slaton,
Midnight Run Services,
Address known to the Moderator,
Tel./Mobile 918-637-4070,
Criminal investigations, domestic investigations, surveillance, skip tracing, process service, background checks.
OK PI Lic. Agency # OIA 3980,
Personal Lic. #: 11AGI61352.
Licensed locksmith as well.
Eric A. Hanson,
Greystone Investigation Agency,
POB 1167,
Newcastle, OK 73065-1167,
Tel. 405-308 6731,
Fax. 405-387 3902,
General investigations.
OK PI Lic. # 05PIA1141, armed PI Lic. # 07AGI21002.
Member : OASIS
Eric Brinsfield 2524 N. Harrison #100, Shawnee OK 74804 Tel: 405-380-4228, Fax: 405-380-8664 OK PI lic# AG137387 General Investigations
DJ Long DONNA J. LONG, API The Detective Agency P.O. Box 721895 Norman, OK 73070 Tel: 405-748-0664, Fax: 405-447-3877
Brian Freeland, Lawyers Legal Service, POB 9007, Portland OR 97207, Tel. 503-224-7911, Fax. 503-224-9611. General investigations, process service, business litigation, maritime, aviation, legal support services. Member: WAD
Ralph Eugene Hutchison, Highland Investigative Enterprises, PO Box 71, Cottage Grove, Oregon 97424, Tel. 541-942-1930, Fax. 541-941-1930, Lic No. 1998191, General Investigations, Member NAPPS, OALI
Thia Bell, Ponderosa InfoNet, PMB 105, 1430 Willamette, Eugene, OR 97401 Tel. 541-345-8959. Lic# 1998302 Publisher, PI ALERT, electronic news for Oregon investigators and the only media covering the new state regulatory board, long time journalist and journalism instructor, Member: Oregon Association of Licensed Investigators
Sallie J. Torres,
Probes International,
3130 University Street,
Eugene, OR 97405-8200,
Tel. : 541-484 6040,
Fax. 541-848 9796,
Cell: 541-337 2250,
OR PI Lic. # 189.
General investigations, Lic# 189.
General investigations, civil and criminal pretrial, trial reparation and post-trial investigations, locates, business intelligence, insurance +
Stuart (Stu) Steinberg,
High Desert Invertigations, Inc.,
POB 2127,
Terrebonne, Oregon 97760,
Tel./Fax. 541-504 8715,
Specializing in major crimes of violence: murder, assault, drugs, robbery and sex offenses, skip-tracer, former public defender,former law school professor: Georgetown University Law Center in DC.
OR PI Lic. # 1998081.
Member: Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyers Association.
Holly Stevenson, A Confidential Investigation LTD, P.O. Box 693, Beaverton, OR 97075, Tel: 503-294-2057, Fax: 503-294-2076 Lic# 2000505, insurance claim fraud, criminal defense, civil law, process serving, skip traces, asset recovery, employee theft, computer fraud and general investigations.
Jeffrey-Peter Hauck, JD, CPO,
The Office of Jeffrey-Peter Hauck,
POB 142,
Macungie, Pennsylvania 18062,
Tel. 484-274-3909,
Fax. 610-928 3098,
Operational risk assessment & management concepts, litigation support,skip tracing, pre-employment investigations, surveillance, process serving, credit reports, computer data retrieval, DNA testing, TSCM.
PA PI Lic. # CP-39-MD-331-2008.
David M. Ford,
The Ford Agency,
POB 7525,
New Castle, PA 16107,
Tel. 724-510 8533,
Fax. 412-386 6816,
Criminal defense and security investigations, federal and state government facility security management.
PA Lic # 210-2008.
Member : NAIS, Associations of Former Intelligence Officers, International, Foundation for Protective Officers
Thomas G. Bacheler, President/Owner,
TGB Associates,
1408 Naomi's Court,
North Wales, (Philadelphia) PA 19454,
Tel. 215-368 2400 + 800-369-1263,
Fax. 215-362 6664,
Mobile: 215-353 6821,
PI routing # MS430-98.
Criminal investigations within the movie theater industry nationwide,
general background and pre-employment investigations.
Alan Dark, Facticon Inc. P.O. Box 1179, Chadds Ford, PA 19317 Tel. 610-459-0800, Fax. 610-459-4407 General insurance investigations, surveillance, video,still photography, Member WAD
Bernard E. Dudas, Jr. Point Investigations 3567 Mountain View Drive, Suite 120 Pittsburgh, PA 15122-2447 Tel. 412-469-8790, Fax. 412-469-1954 ICQ Internet Pager #668285
Robert Kresson,
Empire Investigation and Security, 122 Wyncrest Drive, Butler, PA 16001, Tel. 412-283-4797, Fax. 414-921-6475.
General investigations, security, process serving, equipment sales.
Member: WAD
Warren Harris Levicoff,
International Detective Services Ltd.,
1657 The Fairway,
Rydal, PA 19046,
USA Tel. +1-215-576 6909,
USA Fax. +1-215-701 0799 + Emergency & Text: +1-215-990 4466
Hong Kong: +852-5398 8520, China: +86-147 145 18520, UK: +44-7-509 544 214,
General investigations globally
PA PI/Security license: MCPD-119, CA PI Lic. # 8830, NY PI Lic. # 11000121330., OH PI Lic. # 201121001811
Mark Shaffer, Managing Director of Investigations, Waldman & Associates, P.O. Box 11603, Philadelphia, PA 19116, Tel: 215-671-0400, Fax: 215-322-8199, General investigations. Member CII, WAD, PALI
Robert H. Sterling, NORTHEAST INVESTIGATIVE CONSULTANTS, Inc., 322 Wyoming Avenue, Wyoming PA 18644, Tel: 570-613-1116, Fax: 570-613-0759, Lic# 189M101, General investigations.
Norman A. Willox, Jr., National Fraud Center Four Horsham Business Center 300 Welsh Road, Suite 200, Horsham, PA 19044 Tel. 215-657-0800, Fax. 215-657-6247. Background, pre-employment, due diligence, asset, fraud investigations, computer fraud, security, financial, forensic accounting investigation. Member: CII.
Ralph J. Hanline, GAL, CFE
A-1 Hanline Investigations and Security Consultants,
Old York County Jail Buiding,
203 West Liberty Street, Suite 1 West,
York, SC 29745,
Tel. 803-684 3200 + Cell: 803 487-3600, Toll Free: 877-684 3200,
Fax. 803-684 0600 + Toll free: 877-684 0601
SC Cell: 803-487 3600, NC Cell: 704-507 9316,
Security, civil, criminal, pre-employment, workers' compensation, insurance
fraud, background investigations, asset verification, process serving,
debugging, integrity testing.
SC PI Lic. # 0909, NC PI Lic. # 965.
Lee Griggs, Protection Technology, Inc. PO Box 1536 Camden, SC 29020-8536 Tel. 803-432-9008, Fax. 803-424-0450 Private Investigation Agency, Information Broker, Research, Process Service Agency license: SC Law Enforcement Division, Agency #1450 Agent in Charge: K. J. Griggs, registration number: RD83905 FACTS: Fraudulent Auto Claims Technical Services COVAPS: Commonwealth Virginia Process Servers USPSA: US Process Servers Association IAIL: International Association of Investigative Locksmiths AACE: Consulting Group of Auto Theft Investigators NAIS
Tommy Vickers, VIP Services, Charleston, South Carolina, 1812-206B Savannah Highway, Charleston, SC 29407, Tel: 843-871- 3962, Fax: 843-769-9069. Corporate and criminal investigations, personal protective services. SC Lic#1622. Member: ASIS, CDIA.

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